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An export consultant company on the right track!

Gravity is certainly not another everyday export consultancy firm. On the contrary – we are a young company with senior consultants who go from words to action, ie we create real business value and results for our clients. We do it a little easier and smarter while we see that other consulting organizations struggle to deliver business value.

We are a team of talented, energetic and skilled senior individuals who are passionate about business development, export, and market presence. Together we have substantial experience from about 50 international markets. Our experiences include the majority of industries and sectors. Although we are new in the market, we have together a total of about 200 years of international expertise. Welcome to Gravity!

“We follow three guiding principles: simplicity, integrity and customer value”

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International business development at the right level!


We operate at all levels in various organisations and work with business and market activities on new markets.

  • Export development at project level
  • Export development at board level
  • Export development at management level

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What do we do?

We are active at different levels in the business and work with business and marketing activities in foreign countries. The emphasis is on exports, internationalisation and globalisation. We are hired by small to large enterprises. We work operationally and strategically in many industries and sectors and develop new business in new markets internationally.

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Who are we?

Some call us business consultants or export consultants, others regard us as marketing consultants or management consultants. But regardless of our title – we take you and your company from words to action by providing operational and strategic support in exports and establishment abroad (foreign market establishment).

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Our network

We network with numerous agents and organisations to keep up to date with change and development in the export area.

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